Fatima Kazmi's Art
My work on wood is a journey walked both in the conscious and unconscious mind. The grain of the wood holds in its folds untold stories of years past. It has witnessed time and holds raw life as an alibi. Each line moves with calming flows and conflicting knots as if solving a mystery or understanding the abstract which cannot be articulated in words.

The grain of wood represents the story of its growth as it captures the natural twists and flows in the grain: the evolution of consciousness. I burn in lines and use oils, acrylics and stains to capture my own expressions and fantasies, which curl inward and rise out of the piece, experiencing a spiritual ascendance. Through this release, this striving for moksha, I am teased and eluded by glimpses of pure bliss, at the same time being beckoned to further express my own thoughts and desires.

copyright Fatima Kazmi 2014

Oil On Wood

Digital Art

Oil on Canvas